Monday, 31 December 2007


I used to be a faithful knitter. In fact, for most of my knitting life I was a monogamous knitter. I would see a pattern I liked, acquire the yarn and knit it. Upon completion I would then go looking for the next project.

This all changed four years ago when I retired and discovered knitting on the internet. I took the first step towards adultery when I spied all the beautiful yarns and bought some without a specific project in mind. Then I discovered all the pattern sites and the blogs showing off all the beautiful work people were creating. It lead me into temptation and I found myself casting on more than one project at a time simply because I wanted to knit all I saw. I just couldn't knit fast enough (still can't, but I'm doing my best).

Now as the year draws to a close I look at what I have on the needles or am about to cast on. First there's the Pretty as a Peacock shawl I'm up to the final chart on that and really enjoying it as a quick and easy knit.

Then there's Cora the caterpillar - a soft toy for baby Kate. Tomorrow, 1 January, I cast on for two more KALs: the Spring Shawl Surprise and the VLT KAL for which I've decided to knit a Spider's Web shawl.

And of course later in January will be the Bag Lady swap on Ravelry which should be good fun.

And I have this great gift bag my cosy swap pal sent me which I intend filling with a sock project (got to have something to take on the train).

I've had such fun knitting the last few years that I now have to concede that monogamy is not about to return to this household.

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