Tuesday, 25 December 2007


I finished knitting the Stripes and Torchon lace shawl for my mother at 12.20 Christmas Eve. I gave it to my mother for Christmas this morning and then promptly took it back to wash and block.

We went off to friends for a non-Christmas lunch (none of us believe in Christmas but still enjoy good food. By the time we got back this afternoon the shawl was dry and the proud owner could model it.

I like the rhythm of lace knitting but it was difficult to attain with this project because I had to knit in secret. That meant snatching an hour here and there and never being able to settle down to a prolonged stretch of knitting. The Rowanspun Tweed (4 ply) is also not a yarn I'm likely to use again. The yarn is very uneven and in places so thin that the yarn broke. Almost every skein had knots in it as well and that really peeved me. Nevertheless I'm happy with the end product.

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Jack said...

Wow! That is stunning!