Sunday, 23 December 2007

Rain, glorious rain

Over the past 4 days we have had 90 mm of rain. The tank is overflowing and the creek (our main source of water)is gushing. It's such a contrast with last year this time when the bush was as dry as a chip and everything crackled underfoot. It was so dry even the bracken died off. I was literally counting the days until the end of summer. Now the bush and the garden is lush and green - what a relief.

Christmas is looming and my mother's Stripes and Torchon shawl is still not done. I have 5 repeats to go. Yes, a mere 5 but every hour spent knitting in secret is an hour being anti-social. Not quite the done thing. Plus all the lunch and dinner engagements mean that too much of a good time is being had. I'll keep plugging away and I might just make it in time.

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