Saturday, 12 January 2008

FO: Cora the caterpillar

I finished Cora this morning. She's a present for little Kate.

This is the sort of knitting possible in the dreadful heat we've been having. I'm on count down to the end of summer. I've had enough!

Last night I started to knit a pair of felted clogs for my mother. She wanted to knit them herself but found the pattern too difficult so ripped the lot. In return for me knitting them she knitted Cora's legs. I thought that was a fair swap. This is how far I got last night.

Then this morning I discovered that the contrasting colour is Bendigo Woollen Mill's Classic and not Rustic. Classic doesn't felt! So the clog is no more and I'm now awaiting another ball of Rustic so that I can start all over again.

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T. said...

that caterpillar is ADORABLE.