Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Big Smoke

We spent a few days in Melbourne this week. A most unusual activity for us as we tend to be rather reluctant to leave our bush paradise. We had an apartment in the heart of the city and made use of the opportunity to catch up with friends, visit the museum and see a show. We went to see Keating - the musical. It was great fun.

We had planned to do a few more things in town on Friday before coming home but by that stage we had had enough of city life - too many people and far too noisy. Even those few days were too much for Bruce and I'll probably have to continue to debrief him for the next few days.

Catching the train too and from the city gave me an opportunity to work on my cosy. It was the only project currently on my needles small enough to take with me. I have stalled a bit on the cozy and seriously started to think about frogging it but now I won't. While we were in the city I decided to give the cozy to Kate when its done. She was wearing black and green when we met and she looked so good in it that I just had to offer her the cozy. I was wise enough not to stipulate a finishing date though!

I finished clue 8 on the SSS. The photo only shows clue 7 and half of 8. Clue 8 went really quickly but judging what Lul has said it is merely the calm before the storm. The real challenge is yet to come. This is a good thing because this is, after all, my year to learn new techniques in knitting.

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T. said...

I'm glad you found someone for the cozy- especially if you weren't loving the color!