Sunday, 30 March 2008

Too busy

Friends from South Africa arrived just before Easter for a visit. Ever since their arrival we have had a lovely time playing tourist guides but that has meant very little time for knitting or anything else for that matter. We waved them goodbye yesterday morning and since then things have gradually been getting back to normal.

I finally managed to complete my Spring Shawl Surprise. The theme revealed itself as the Earth Mother. See here for Lul's full explanation. To date this has been the most difficult piece of lace knitting I have tackled. I really enjoyed the challenge and liked the end product. It is to become a birthday gift for my neighbour.

Here it lies blocking:

The shawl is quite large and difficult to photograph in a way that does it justice.

It's an amazingly light weight shawl but I suspect will lend quite a bit of warmth on a cool summer's evening.


val said...

its beautiful - hats off to you! your an amazing lace knitter :)

Peggy said...

Your SSS is beautiful!!!!

Annie said...

And your SSS is lovely, too!