Sunday, 27 April 2008

FO: Mystic Light

Its done and I love the way this shawl has turned out.

The yarn and the stitch pattern has worked well together and I love the way the flames have picked up that shimmer. I hadn't anticipated this outcome at all.

I loved working on this pattern. I found it really easy and a fast knit. I did, however, notice that a few people became a bit grumpy with the last two clues where we were required to pattern on both the knit and purl rows. Personally I found the purl rows very easy since I had cut my teeth on the SSS where the patterning was far more challenging.

It was with the thought of another challenge that I joined the Mystery Lace KAL. After the release of Clue one that KAL has gone into melt down and has been shut down. I am very sorry that that has happened. It seems the poor designer was overwhelmed by the demands placed on her by participants. To me it seems that people have lost sight that what we are dealing with here is simply knitting. No one compels you to knit. If you join a KAL, particularly one which stated that its aimed at intermediate to experienced lace knitters, and you find it too difficult or not to your liking then just give it away. Knit something else. Its only yarn - not life and death.

I fear that future free KALs might soon become a thing of the past as designers take fright at the negative responses that are being generated in some KALs. I can't believe the demands some people place on these designers when they are prepared to give their work for free to us. We should honour them, not condemn them.


Jack said...

Here, here!

Arty Lady's blog said...

Beautiful shawl Amanda and I totally agree with you on KALs

Amanda said...


nattugla said...

Your shawl is beautful and I love the colour