Wednesday, 16 April 2008

So sad

Last night the nasty old fox turned up and killed all our chickens. So sadly Beryl, Meryl and little Sheryl are no more. We won't be able to replace them until we've managed to secure the orchard again. It will be very strange not having them around any more. I liked to go out and have a daily chook chat.

In the meantime autumn is making its presence felt. Clear blue skies by day and crisp nights. The trees have started to turn and drop their leaves.

These maples remind me of some of the beautiful Mystic Light shawls that have been appearing on Ravelry.


T. said...

Very sorry to hear about your chickens. Darned sly fox.

Can't believe how weird it is that you're going into autumn and we're going into spring!! (but supposedly there's going to be snow here on Friday...honestly...will it ever end).

Amanda said...

Oh dear T you lot seem to have forgotten to rev up for spring - snow again?