Sunday, 11 May 2008


I've managed to complete something. Here are my Tidal Wave socks.

These were done in Miami from Bendigo Woolen Mills using 2.5 mm circular needles. It's so good to have both socks finished simultaneously!

The Secret of Bad Nauheim is progressing ever so slowly. I'm still busy with clue 5 which is the border. Each round takes me approximately an hour to knit. I have to confess that I get bored towards the end of each round and need to do something else before I can tackle the next round. But I'll preserve and it will be done at some stage.

I've finally started the front of Henley. I love the softness of the yarn I'm using and just wish I had more time to spend on this jumper.

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T. said...

An hour to knit a round sounds very boring...I'd be looking for something different after each round also!