Thursday, 22 May 2008

In the meantime

While I'm still deciding what to knit with my luscious alpaca I've been knitting a baby jacket for a friend. She asked for a nice plain Daisy and that is what she got.

I knitted this in Patons Superwash 8 ply using 4.5 circs. This is a quick and easy knit.

I'm still knitting my alpaca up in my head, trying out various garments but I think I'm still leaning towards the Faroese Shawl.

I've also reached the last clue of the Secret of Bad Nauheim shawl - finally. Only 38 rows to go. Will I ever get there?


J. said...

I've made this sweater for many babies and it's always a hit.

Nice work!

T. said...

J. knit me one of these for each of my boys - they wore them tons!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for that - that's very encouraging.