Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I've called it quits

Nope, Henley is no more. You know when you are knitting something and you realise something doesn't feel right but you keep on knitting regardless? That's what I did with Henley.

I finished the back.

And then I started the front.

And by the time I got to the lace part I had to concede that this was just not working. I love the yarn. I love the pattern but the two just don't go together. Henley requires a yarn that will drape well and the alpaca is far too soft for that. So I called it quits.

Now I have the pleasure of looking for an appropriate yarn for Henley and I need a pattern for my Grignasco Top Print. I've been trawling Ravelry for something appropriate but so far nothing speaks to me. I'm beginning to wonder whether the Faroese shawl (also on the front cover) in A Gathering of Lace might not be the way to go. Any suggestions, thoughts?


T. said...

That Foroese shawl is gorgeous. Sorry about the frogging - that's always bad, but if it wasn't meant to be...
What about Laminaria? I think it was in the last Knitty??

Amanda said...

I love the Laminaria. But perhaps it would look better in laceweight? Ah decisions, decisions.