Monday, 5 May 2008

Not much to show

So here I have been knitting away quietly for the past week or so but I've nothing much to show for the effort. I've finished the repeats of the Secret of Bad Nauheim shawl and I've started to pick up the stitches to knit the border. So at the moment its a pink bundle with what feels like thousands of stitches to pick up for the border. It doesn't seem to matter which way you do a shawl border - it simply seems to take forever.

I've finished the back of Henley Perfected - finally. This project has languished because all my time seems to be taken by the Bad Nauheim. That also means that little progress had been made on my Tidal Wave Socks.

I'm beginning to feel a tad frustrated because I haven't been able to finish anything. This situation often tempts me to start something new for some instant gratification (there sure are heaps of projects clamouring in the wings to be started)but this time I intend to resist. I'm not even going to swatch for the latest Mystery lace KAL I've joined.

And speaking of Mystery Lace KALs. The melt down I wrote about in my previous post made me decide to sit this one out for the time being. I'll wait for the completed pattern to come up for sale and then indulge myself.


T. said...

Can't wait to see your Henley perfected!!

Amanda said...

You and me both!