Thursday, 12 June 2008

Three little things and a big one

I made these little people for young Daniel. They are Witty Knits from Jean Greenhowe. Five year old Daniel really liked them but did ask that the little ghost should be put further away from him at bedtime because he was just a little bit scared of him.

I also managed to finish my Faroese shawl. I'm really pleased how well the variegated yarn worked with the pattern.

The shawl has ended up a bit bigger than I had anticipated but its very cozy and will be great to snuggle into on cold days.

I also managed to get it done just be for we leave for our outback trip on Monday. We will be gone for three gloriously warm weeks!


J. said...

I love the little toys! And would you look at the size of that shawl! It must have taken ages to knit but it was worth the effort. It looks terrific.

Have a great holiday!

T. said...

That shawl is gorgeous - and massive!! Hope it keeps you warm in the winter.