Sunday, 13 July 2008

5,462 km later

We made it back home. The past three weeks were so all encompassing that being on the road became a way of life. Being back home has taken some adjusting.

My head is filled with wonderful images. We saw so many beautiful and interesting things. And of course the weather was perfect. Not until we landed back in Melbourne did we see clouds.

We took five different cruises on the trip which included the Kakadu wetlands, a couple of gorges and the Ord River scheme and Lake Argyle. Those of us who came from the drought stricken South Eastern States were totally awe struck by the vast amounts of water we saw in the various rivers. One forgets just how soothing it is to see mega liters of water flowing by.

I have no regrets about the trip but never again will I undertake a group tour. Group traveling is not my cup of tea. I also found the 5:30 am starts in the morning rather relentless. At night we used to crawl into bed by 8 pm knowing that we will yet again have to break camp at 5:30 pack our tens and stow our gear all before brekkie at 6:30 am. I am not a morning person! Its been bliss being back at home in my own bed and rising in my own good time.

The relentless pace also meant next to no knitting time. I couldn't even knit on the bus because we bounced around far too much and I didn't want to risk missing any interesting bird sightings.

Here is a taste of some of the things we saw.

Boabs and the tents we came to know so well.

The Bungle-Bungles. We took a helicopter ride over them which was spectacular. Unfortunately the camera didn't work at that point. Getting into the Bungles was hard going. It took us two and a half hours to do just 53 km.

Cathedral gorge in the Bungle-Bungles.

Geikie gorge along the Gibb River Road.

One of many creek crossings along the Gibb River Road.

Lake Argyle.

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T. said...

Those pics are amazing!!
And those early mornings would have done me in too!