Saturday, 2 August 2008

Limbering up

Yep I'm preparing for the Ravelympics. I've done my swatch for the Rogue Hoodie.

Fortunately my needle choice (4mm) was spot on. I'm not a big fan of swatches but occasionally you just have to do it.

Having got that out of the way I then thought to clear the decks and I finished Joy's socks.

And seeing as I was in swatching mode I did another swatch for the SOTS III. I went up to size 3.75 mm needles and now have to decide which look I like the best. I think I'm inclined towards the lacier look. Any thoughts?


T. said...

I too like the 3.75mm swatch better!

Annie said...

I prefer the lacier look, too! I have decided not to take part in the Ravelympics - too many projects going as it is already!

Amanda said...

Yes, I'm going to go with the larger needles.