Friday, 29 August 2008

Oh happy day!

My yarn arrived yesterday and so I was able to finish my Rogue last night. I love it!

But as fate would have it the sun is shining today and it looks like we are going to make it to double figures temperature wise. If only I had my Rogue during the last cold spell. Although I'm sure to still get plenty of wear out of it over the coming month.


Anonymous said...

I bet that was a relief when the squishy packet arrived ;) You made a great job of Rogue (another on my list but not quite gotten around to insert big sigh here!)
I'm sure there will be plenty of cooler days around, where it with pride.

Syd said...

That's a nice job. How long did it take?

Amanda said...

Thanks Syd. If I hadn't have run out of yarn I would have finished it in 10 days but I had to wait more than a week for the yarn to turn up. Its a really quick and easy knit.