Thursday, 23 October 2008

Half a century

By Sunday I will have been on this earth for half a century! I can't quite believe it. Normally birthdays don't phase me much but this one seems a bit different. I came to realise that I have now been longer on this earth than the time that remains for me. Perhaps now I have to finally admit that I'm middle aged.

To make the event more palatable Bruce and I are having a combined 110th birthday party on Saturday. We've invited all our friends and intend to celebrate with gusto.

I had hoped to wear my Henley on the weekend but I've been laid low by a virus and so no knitting has taken place the last couple of days. I still have one sleeve to knit. With any luck I'll have it done by next Thursday when our neighbours are taking me out for a Peking Duck dinner and a night in the city (and it will probably include a little yarn shopping?).

The other delightful news I had was to find that I had won one of the grand completion prizes for my SOSTIII. The theme has been revealed and here are a few excerpts from Nautical Knitter's description: "The Estes Park Stole was inspired by our son’s recent wedding which was held in Estes Park, Colorado. ... The rounded edges are symbols of the cyclical nature of life and the circle having no end, once formed, is everlasting. This was intended to be a reminder, much like the rings they exchanged represented the same reality and are constant, visible reminders of their union. The motifs you see in the stole are representative of snowflakes and the surrounding tiny motifs symbolize snow."

I'll leave you with a splash of colour. The garden is looking good at the moment and the rhododendrons have started to flower.


val said...

Have a great Birthday - the big 50! woohoo! I was feeling old and im only going to be 38 this year, but now you've made me feel like a spring chicken ;) *lol*

Nautical Knitter said...

Happy Birthday!!!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Happy Birthday. I was the same way when I hit 50. You start thinking, wow, I'm a half century old.

T. said...

Happy Birthday!! Congratulations. And really, age is just a number (and until you said your age, I actually had no idea what your number was!). I think the combined 110 year birthday party is a great idea.
Best wishes for getting the henley done and for a wonderful spring-y day.

Amanda said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!I intend to make the most of this one.

Anonymous said...

Oh congrats on the win! Having seen the stole upclose I am not at all surprised you got a prize for it!
I am turning quarter of a century this July --I am excited about it!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday!

Remember you are only as old as you feel.