Saturday, 4 October 2008

Mystery solved!

I downloaded the final clues for the mystery knit over at Holiday Mystery Gifts today. And of course I had to sit down and complete the knit as soon as possible.

Slippers! Or, more accurately, a slipper. I still have to knit the second one. This was such a fun way to knit something. I've decided that in order to insure I knit the second slipper I will follow the daily clues again. That way it only takes a little bit of time each day and by the end of the week I have a completed product.

Thanks to Terry for a very enjoyable knit.


Anonymous said...

well i would never have guessed it would be a slipper! ;) it looks great.

T. said...

Those are pretty cute little slippers!

Mary said...

Those slippers were such fun to knit, I think that not knowing for most of the week what they were added to the excitement.

Your buttons are fabulous !

Beautiful all round. :)

N. Maria said...

I really love that slipper design!
I love your button!