Monday, 15 December 2008

Stocking up for Christmas Swap

On Friday I received my fabulous stocking from fitknit. I've been waiting for the weather to clear to take some pictures. (I loved the rain we had over the last 3 days - 114.5mm). She did a great job stalking me and put together a terrific parcel.

To begin with a lovely felted stocking:

And then a seemingly endless procession of little individually wrapped parcels were pulled out of the stocking.

Holiday reading matter (I love reading), stitch makers from Moggy and Me (they are always on the top of my list of things I would like), a great dishcloth (I've had this pattern in my queue to do someday), a bookmark (of course!), a tape measure (you always need one and now I have one for my keychain), a cute pen, egg cosies, a cross stitch for Bruce (how thoughtful is that!) and muppet remains (as a result of a discussion which took place on Ravelry).

Don't you think it's just the best stocking ever? Thank you fitknit - you done well!


Anonymous said...

A great package Amanda & Im lovin that cute little sheep bookmark :)

good to hear you got a good soaking - i think we ended up with about 75mm all up ;)

T. said...

That's a lovely little pre-Christmas present!