Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Stockings, mice and elves

I usually don't get involved in Christmas knitting, mainly because we don't bother to celebrate Christmas but this year I got sucked in. How did this happen? Well I signed up for the Stocking up for Christmas swap on Ravelry. Spiraling organised this and provided us with this cute little pattern. Well once I did one for the swap I then decided to knit up a few more for the kids in the neighbourhood.

And here they are:

Then I needed a few fillers. Most of the little boys are getting little cars but the girls are getting mice and elves. These are Alan Dart patterns in the latest Simply Knitting.

Almost all the Christmas stockings, elves and mice are done. I'm still short a stocking and an elf but that will be done in time.


T. said...

So CUTE!! And little boys love cars - I'm somewhat of an expert on what little boys love.

val, abe, happy said...

Your santas little helper busy in her workshop :) love em too cute :)

Annie said...

You beat me to knitting those elves, Amanda! They are on my list, too. But I did knit the heart, the pinguin and the cooky-star. Aren't these Alan Dart patterns great?!

Amanda said...

Hi Annie, I intend to knit some more of Alan Dart's patterns too - they are very cute.