Wednesday, 24 December 2008


This morning I got the best present ever. The wonderful kelebek sent me this great parcel.

I have been lusting after Bordhi's sock book for ages. I keep checking it out on my favourite online bookshop but its been out of stock for months. And then it arrived this morning. I'm still bouncing with happiness. And yummy chocolate to sweeten matters even more.

And look at the great stitch markers.

Now this morning I had planned a post on the visitors in my garden at the moment but they pale in comparison to my wonderful book. Nevertheless here they are. First the glorious little Eastern Spinebill feeding in the Banksia.

The White-Eared Honeyeaters have moved in the last few weeks and tend to chase the other birds away from the trees they are feeding in. This one is sitting in a Calistemon (Bottle Brush).

And this cute little fellow turned up yesterday morning. Can you see him?

Now I am running away to knit some socks!


Anonymous said...

YAAAY it got there!!! It was so hard sitting on my hands waiting for you to receive it and letting it be a surprise! It is an awesome book and the stitch markers will help you knit the patterns in the book!
The birdies are very pretty, I don't know much about them but they are pretty. I wouldn't have noticed the stick dude if you didn't name the photo "stick insect." That's some serious camouflage!

Anonymous said...

i totally didnt see the stick insect! - arnt they the greatests - but not as great as that sock book ;) I hope you guys had a great christmas!

T. said...

I love that book!