Friday, 16 January 2009

FO: Isobel

I finished blocking Isobel this morning. I knitted this in Bendigo Woollen Mills 3 ply using 4mm needles. This scarf is destined to be a birthday swap gift.

Here is Isobel reclining on Acacia Cognata:

And the Hebe is looking lovely at the moment so I couldn't resist draping her over it.

I have also made two more soap sacks for the birthday swap. The leaf pattern in Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply cotton and the eyelet pattern in Anchor Magicline cotton.

The stash busting is continuing as is the exercising. And Val and T I have taken your comments to heart and thus I'm still puzzling ;)


Jack said...

What a beautiful scarf! That is one lucky swapee.

Bells said...

Stunning. Great colour, great texture, delicate and lovely. And yes your hebe looks wonderful!

val said...

its perfect!, love the colour - now come over to my place and finish my scarf will you, it hates me and wont let me do it :( and Im doubting myself, and im worried the needles ive used are too small, and the yarn is too thick!! Waaaahhhhhhhhh!!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Your scarf is beautiful. The pictures are lovely.