Friday, 30 January 2009


Today is the third day of the heatwave. It's 9:30 in the morning and I am already a puddle of sweat. I am counting the days to winter.

When the heatwave started I decided to be very zen about it (yeah, right!). I decided I needed a good bit of lace knitting to take my mind off things. So I cast on for the Maltese shawl from VLT. This shawl has long been in my queue and last year I bought some Italian mohair in an almost cobweb weight because I thought it would be perfect for this shawl.

I went down a needle size for this shawl to 4mm because I felt it would be too open on 4.5mm. This might mean that it turns out to be a large scarf or maybe a narrow shawl but that's okay.

So I managed four repeats before my plans to ignore the heat fell apart. I simply could not keep my hands dry enough to work with this yarn. Mohair, apparently, no matter how fine, is a very warm yarn.

I have managed to continue work on the secret project and I'm nearly half way despite frequently losing concentration and having to tink back. I also discovered last night that if I drape my legs in wet pillow cases and sit right in front of the fan I can manage a semblance of coolness to allow me to continue knitting.

Did I say I'm counting the days to winter? Well I'm off to check the calendar again.


Mary said...

I have 8 inches of snow on the ground and will gladly trade you just a tiny bit of your heat for our chilliness. :)

Good luck keeping cool.

Jack said...

Yep, it is way hot!

val said...

too hot to write, hands sticky!!, lace looking lovely, off to sit ontop of my fan! and try to keep cool :)

Anonymous said...

The cool change has kicked in over here! I made lots of progress on my knee high socks. It made me smile to see the Cat Bordhi book will be rescued from the fire! I am hoping this is the final heatwave of the summer!

Cybèle said...

Still find it weird that when we have frost or snow, you have sunshine and heatwaves. We've been predicted snow for Monday (don't get much snow in these parts (eastern part of UK) but then it's been quite a cold winter this year) - I can't imagine being so hot that you're constantly sweating! Good luck :-)

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Wish I could send you some cool weather. I know you must be miserable.

T. said...

We can skate on our front side walk today, it's so icy!!
I can't believe how hot it is there right now!