Friday, 23 January 2009

What would you choose?

Yesterday was a foul day. All day long the wind blew a gale. In the afternoon I noticed clouds forming behind the trees and ever hopeful of rain gave them a closer look. I saw that they were a strange colour and when I alerted Bruce to this he brushed me off with a "its just dust". So I went outside and the smell of smoke hit me. Back inside and straight onto the CFA site. There I found that large fires were burning at Taradale and Woodend. Towns close to us. A northerly wind was blowing at the time so we knew were weren't in danger but we were expecting a south-westerly change and that would put us in the line of fire (so to speak).

We had planned to meet friends for a picnic that evening and we decided to go ahead because we felt it safer to leave home. Our house would be indefensible in a bushfire because the bush is very, very close to our house. But before going we decide to take valuables in case we could not get back home (several roads were already closed at this stage). So what to take?

This is what I chose:
My glasses and spare contact lenses - without them I am as blind as a bat.
My current knitting project.
My KnitPicks Options set (I have to be able to keep knitting).
Cat Bordhi's New Pathways for Sock Knitters (it's precious, and hard to get and I could always scrounge some sock yarn so as to keep knitting).
My iPod because it is stuffed with podcasts and audiobooks.

Bruce went for the external back-up drive which thanks to Timemachine is always up to date and the laptop.

But happily when the cool change came the wind dropped and the fireys were able to contain the fires. And we were able to come back home in the evening.

So, what would you take with you?


Jack said...

The Laptop, the camera and my knitting basket. Maybe not in that order. ;)

val said...

we did get a light drizzle of rain yesterday arvo and the temperature dropped right down too.

i have a list and a suitcase on the ready in my spare room ;) - only once have i had to pack because of a fire - i was crying the whole time knowing i could not take everything in the car! - but ofcourse, jack and the pugs are No1 on my list then my spinningwheel, our clothes, pillows, blankets, and all my handcrafted & framed cross stitch pictures and the family photo albums :)

sue said...

I saw the news with the fires in Woodend which is very close to us in Melton. I think I would take photos and my FIL's ring that he left because he is no longer with us. My pets would be put into the car as well as I could never leave them behind. Our kelpie gets upset at the smell of smoke and howls away as soon as he smells it so it is like having a smoke alarm outside. I am sure I would grab some knitting too. Luckily you had somewhere to retreat safely, although it would be nervewracking wouldnt it.

T. said...

My current project.
Oh yeah, the kids.

Baruch said...

Definitely my photo albums & the external drive with more photos