Tuesday, 13 January 2009

When is stash not stash?

Sometimes this is easy to determine. For example, a friend has asked me to knit two pairs of knee high socks for two teenage boys doing German dancing. She is providing the yarn. So I'm just doing the knitting. I'm not really looking forward to this project because I keep of thinking of those endless rounds of knitting between knee and foot (let alone the large pair of feet!) And just think of all those meters of yarn passing through my fingers which will not be contributing to my stash busting tally. I am making matters more interesting by combining a number of techniques in knitting these socks - that should help to keep things more interesting.

Now the next project is a little more difficult in determining whether all those meters knitted can be regarded as counting towards the stash busting tally. I am making a gift which for the time being has to remain a secret on the blog. I thoroughly investigated my stash but could not find any appropriate yarn so I have had to purchase some. Now does yarn purchased for a specific project count towards stash enhancement?

These projects all have deadlines so I am going to have to make a start soon, very soon but I just want to make a little more progress on my Ocean Toes.


val said...

ok lets break it down - 1. the yarn you purchased was NOT in your stash.
2. So if its Not already in your stash it CANT be called stash.
3. YES i would say you enhanced your stash!
4. Oh well looks like youll be doing a lot more walking to burn this NEW purchase of yarn off!!!


T. said...

I've decided to only count stash coming in from this point on - everything else doesn't count (ignorance is bliss, right?)