Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Ain't it sweet?

On Sunday I presented Errol to young Daniel. When they were introduced Daniel immediately decided that the little owl was not called Errol, indeed not, his name is Hedwig. So once renamed, the two retired to the couch for a cuddle and a whispered conversation. A short while later they presented me with this letter.


I've cast on Sylvia Harding's Little Leaf scarf using Val's luscious handspun. This yarn is a pleasure to work with. I love the variegation in the yarn. And it smells so nice! What did you wash it in Val?


Lupie said...

Daniel is an amazing artist! So sweet! Love the scarf pattern.

Anonymous said...

i soaked it in softly ;) cant wait to see it all knit up, good to hear Daniel loved Hedwig.

Anonymous said...

Aww, that gives me the warm fuzzies! Honestly I would like a Hedwig better than a Errol. I mean Errol is the old, old owl of the Weasley family. While Hedwig is Harry's!
Love the handspun yarn and what it's becoming!

Metta said...

I can imagine Daniel with his new friend Hedwig, when they were composing the nice letter and drawing for you. It gives me warm feelings.

Love the scarf you are knitting.

Thanks for the congratulations!

lunaticraft said...

Awww, how cute! That scarf is beautiful, too!