Friday, 1 May 2009

FO: Bloomin' Socks & Little Leaf Lace Scarf

My Bloomin' Socks are done and I'm very happy with the way the yarn complimented the pattern. The subtle variation in the yarn served as highlights for the leaves and flowers. The yarn is Ripples Crafts Hand Dyed Yarns in Simply Green. I used 2.5 mm circular needles to knit these toe-up socks two at a time.

I made a couple of modifications. I realised that the pattern did not include a gusset so after studying the picture very closely I decided that without a gusset the socks would be awkward to put on and be a bit tight over the arch. So, which gusset to add? I turned to Bordhi and used her Fountain Architecture where she says that you can place your gusset increases on the sole - randomly if you wish. I took her at her word and placed my increases randomly and it worked a treat. I then knitted a short row heel and a reinforced heel flap gobbling up the gusset (or wings stitches as Bordhi calls them) as I went.

I also finished Sivia Harding's Little Leaf Lace Scarf which I knitted in Val's lovely homespun. This is the first scarf ever that I have knitted for myself!

I really like the way the yarn changed in colour tone as I knitted - it makes for a livelier looking pattern.

My only complaint is that I battled to pick up the subtleties of the colour changes with my camera.

This scarf is already packed to keep me warm on the cold Armidale nights. We are flying there tomorrow for a week so I will see you all again in a week's time.


Bells said...

Two beautiful pieces. The detailing on that pair of socks. Just lovely.

No gusset? the mind boggles.

helen said...

Blimey Amanda! You're a bit quick aren't you!! I love the socks. Have a great time in Armadale and say "hi" to my folks if you make it all the way up to Brisbane.

Cybèle said...

The socks are lovely, I'm just about to do my first pair of toe-up socks and a bit apprehensive!
The scarf is beautiful, looks so lightweight yet warm.
Enjoy your week away.

Anonymous said...

loving the socks especially that colour, the scarf is fabulous, really great, have a great time away for the week, see you when your back :)

T. said...

Mixing and matching sock designs with CAt - nice!
Have an excellent trip.

Domie's Mom said...

Those socks are magnificent!

LenaL said...

Oh, how lovely they are, both the socks and the scarf!

Hope you will have a wonderful week, look forward to read about it when you are back home again.

Baruch said...

Love your blooming socks!