Tuesday, 26 May 2009

FO: Cables and Corrugations

Cat Bordhi does it again! Her sock patterns are a delight.

I knitted Cables and Corrugations on 2.5 circular needles (two at a time of course).

The yarn is Crystal Palace Maizy and has just the right springiness for this pattern.

The yarn does tend to be a bit splitty and doesn't take kindly to ripping back. At one stage while knitting the legs I discovered that I hadn't crossed a cable correctly a couple of pattern repeats earlier. So I put the one sock on a couple of stitch holders and ripped back to the error. Knitting the ripped yarn was a pain in the backside because the tendency to split was enhanced.

We are off to the tropics next week for a couple of weeks and so I've been deciding on appropriate projects for the trip. Last night I cast on the Featherweight Cardi. The yarn is Touch Yarns 2 ply lace (60% superfine kid Mohair 40% Merino). Love the yarn, love the colour but I don't like the way it knits with this pattern.

The yarn is puckering around the increases and even with blocking I think it will look pretty messy. So I think I shall frog this this afternoon and try and find either a different yarn or a different project.


trikada said...

Interesa blogo.

kelebek }{ said...

It cracks me up how she describes the cables as "perfect, plump." But those braids are indeed perfect and plump! I have pattern overload right now. So many socks to knit but only two hands!

valli said...

lovin the socks -enjoy your trip - seeyou when you get back :)

Metta said...

I love your socks. Haven´t tried with the circular needle yet. I also hate when the yarn splits.
I think it will take some time before I start a new pair of socks. 24 pairs last year maybe was too much.

Wish you a very nice trip to the tropics.

Greyscale Territory said...

Your sock knitting is extraordinary! And I still haven't tried knitting socks!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Love the socks. I really like the color choice of yarn. You do such a great job of sock knitting. I wish I could knit socks like you.
Have a safe a happy trip.

T. said...

Have an excellent trip - I was thinking of doing the featherweight cardigan as well! Great minds think alike.

Baruch said...

Love the socks. Safe journey and take heaps of photos :)

Jo said...

I love the blue laceweight. That would make a fantastic sweater.