Thursday, 21 May 2009

FO: Three Sisters Scarves #3

I have finished my Three Sisters Scarves #3 and I love it. But I have been battling to capture the beauty of this yarn and I have just not succeeded so you will have to use your imagination.

The yarn is Kaalund Enchanté in Magnolia. The pattern in the scarf highlights the colour variations in the yarn and it shimmers and shines as it catches the light.

I bought this yarn from WOW Wool on Wheels while we were in Armidale and now I have a lasting souvenir of the trip.


T. said...

It is always so hard to capture the true essence, isn't it!
Even still it is lovely.

Helen said...

Amanda that's just lovely! And what a lovely momento of your trip.

val said...

looks lovely amanda -im having the same problem it must be the autumn/winter sunlight that makes the colours look funny in photos now.

p.s my word verification on your blog today was CARDER *lol* ;)

Mary said...