Saturday, 16 May 2009


This week a little bit of Spring turned up in the mail to brighten the Autumn gloom. A lovely skein of Primrose from Ripples Crafts. My May sock club yarn.

To me one of the major advantages of a sock yarn club is the fact that it forces me to branch out into colours I wouldn't ordinarily contemplate. Last month's green yarn, for example. I would never have bought green yarn but I love my green socks. And nor this months shades of yellow and green but I like it. Now the problem is which sock pattern to choose. Nothing has shouted to me yet. I've had a few whispers though: Escalator Socks, Elanor, Banana Blossom Lace Socks, Dunegrass Socks or Dragonfly Socks. Any other suggestions please?

In the meantime I have cast on for the SKA May sockdown. I'm knitting Cables and Corrugations using Maizy. The soft springiness of this yarn seemed to be ideal for the corrugations in the socks.

I've never done a Moccasin Toe before and it would have been quite simple had a not decided to knit socks two at a time. Rearranging the stitches on two circular needles for two socks is down right tricky. A bit of fudging went on but I can live with that.

This week has flown by and I can't believe it is already the weekend again. Yesterday I spent four hours at the hospital waiting for Bruce while he had a small skin cancer removed from his face. The long wait meant I got through most of my audiobook and finsished 5 and a half repeats of my Three Sisters Scarf. By the time Bruce was ready to go home he was extremely mellow from the sedative and thought that the experience was quite wonderful. Amazing how a bit of happy juice can change your outlook on life!


Anonymous said...

yep its good to be pushed to use colours that dont always first appeal - i know i always thought I hated red and pink but i notice nowadays im more drawn to those colours than my favourite colour of blue.

Helen said...

Good to hear Bruce was so relaxed! That happy juice is amazing stuff.

Glad you like primroses. Like you, I'm not really a yellow or green kind of girl, and so I find those colours hard to dye. But in Primroses case I loved the end result.

Anonymous said...

That yarn has such a beautiful colour! I'm not really a sock knitter but when I read your post I had an idea: I'm going to experiment dyeing yarn and I was wondering what I could do with little yarn and knitting socks it's a good idea =D