Friday, 31 July 2009

FO: Golden Eye Shawl

Here she is! I finally managed to block my shawl and take some photos.

The shawl measures 96.5 cm square and the yarn is The Knittery 2ply merino in Lavender. Sadly The Knittery no longer exists. I used 3.5 mm circular needles. And Mary I still have 20gm left. I might have been able to squeeze another repeat out but then again I might just have run short!

This shawl is based on the first square in the Summer Squares project. For those of you interested you can still sign up because it will be running for another 8 weeks.

I really liked the beads I used. I love the colour variation as well as the way they change colour depending on the light. The beads are Japanese Miyuku seed beads in Metallic Dk Variegated Iris.

And here is the sixth square in the Summer Squares Project, the Viola. This is another square for my cotton blanket.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

It's done!

Despite the fact that the seaming fairies refused to pay me a visit, I managed to complete the jumper. I girded my loins the other night and just did it.

The pattern is a Bendigo Woollen Mills pattern and the yarn is Bendigo Classic 8 ply in Cherry Red.

It definitely helped knowing that so many of you disliked seaming as well. As I battled my way with the seams, I kept reminding myself that I was not alone!

My Golden Eye shawl is complete and now I just need a moment to block it.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

I've reached that stage

I have reached the point on this jumper for my friend's granddaughter where I have completed all the knitting.

Now I have to do the seaming. I really, really don't like seaming. Perhaps if I leave it overnight the seaming fairy will come and visit?

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Summer Squares

I've completed the fifth Summer Square, Violin 2. Again the square is knitted in Bendigo Woollen Mills 4 ply cotton.

And taking Mary's lead here are the five squares I have knitted so far. Only another 31 squares to go to complete the blanket!

I've also started the edging on my Golden Eye shawl. I've knitted one side and I'm half way along the second side. I really like the colourful beads. The edging is going quite quickly - I just need more time to spend on it.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show

I spent a lovely day on Friday at the show. Unfortunately it wasn't all day because we had to leave early afternoon. It was great to see so many Ravellers there.

There were lots of sheep.

And heaps of fleece:

I always like to start the show with the competition entries. And this year I was particularly keen because I know one of the entrants. Recognise anything Val? They were a bit hard to photograph because they are all behind glass.

I've seen this scarf before!

I met ms gusset from Ravelry with her wonderful display of hand dyed sock yarn.

I feasted my eyes on all the colourful fibre.

I indulged in a little stash enhancement with sock yarn from Ewe Give Me the Knits

and some laceweight from Glenora. The dark plum skein is Alpaca and silk and the blue one is pure silk.

Before heading home we also made a quick trip to the Bendigo Woollen Mills. The shop was packed but I did get to meet Jacki (Jackik71) and Sam (pattymelon). And I bought some of the new Luxury yarn (very, very soft) to knit this.

A good day indeed!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Juno Regina revisited

Remember sometime ago I started Juno and frogged it? Well I have cast on again. This time I am using Naturally Dawn 2 ply lace. This is a lovely 50/50 silk/wool blend and seems perfect for something as regal as Juno.

I have reached the point of the two row repeat for the next 42". So this project will become my holiday knitting in August. We are going on a bit of a road trip and this project seems the appropriate travelling partner.

I have completed the next square in the Summer Squares project, the Violin. This one is knitted in cotton and is part of my blanket project. It can also be part of a Quartet to form a shawl. I'm very tempted to do this but I fear it will have to wait a while.

I have started on the second jumper for my friend's granddaughter. She wants me to knit this pattern. And I am knitting the jumper in Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 8 ply in Cherry Red.

I think this will become my "resting" project while I am knitting the edging for my Golden Eye shawl. I frogged my extra border repeat because I realised that I would definitely not have enough yarn left for the border. Now its time to knuckle down and get that edging done.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

FO: Seamless Kimono

I've have finished the first of the two jumpers a friend has asked me to knit for her granddaughter. This is the seamless kimono.

Have I mentioned before how much I love seamless knitting. No seaming = bliss. I knitted this with Bendigo Woollen Mills alpaca. This is the second time I have knitted with this alpaca and I have to say that it is a delight to work with. In fact I like it so much that I am seriously thinking of getting some for myself to knit myself a Tangled Yoke cardigan.

I have finished the border for my Summer Squares Golden Eye shawl but would like to add one more repeat. I fear that I might not have quite enough yarn to do so. The people over on the Summer Squares group have been exceedingly helpful by calculating my yardage and other helpful suggestions. I've decided to take the risk and add one more border repeat before doing the edging. I will put in a lifeline just in case I run out of yarn and need to rip back.

I have completed the third Summer Square. This is the Dulcimer knitted in Bendigo Woollen Mills 4 ply cotton and will form part of my blanket.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Bits and pieces

I needed a quick gift for a two year old so I knitted Ellie the Elefante.

This pattern only takes a few hours to knit. I had to make up my own ears because my crochet skills are really rather pathetic.

I've completed my second Summer Square, the Double Bass.

This square will form part of my blanket. It is knit in Bendigo Woollen Mills 4 ply cotton in Snow.

A friend turned up the other day with a bag of yarn and a pleading expression and of course I caved in and agreed to knit two jumpers for her granddaughter. She supplied one pattern but left it up to me to find a pattern for the Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca. I've started Jacki Kelly's Seamless Kimono for a three year old.

This pattern knits up really quickly. And as I have said before, I'm hooked on seamless knitting.