Sunday, 27 September 2009

Moving in

The last couple of weeks have been really tough. Having to scale down from a 21 acre bush block to a half acre town block is no easy matter. I had no idea that we had accumulated so much junk! Yesterday we finally completed the moving out process and now we can start concentrating on the moving in process. Until now we have just been camping amongst piles of boxes but that is fast changing.

On the day we moved in we were greeted with this sight on the drive way.

It looked so cheerful that I felt it boded well for our new life in town.

As you can see I've not only changed my template but also the name of my blog. Its been very hard to give up my bush paradise but I now have a new paradise. I have my very own knitting studio!

This still very much a before picture. Once I'm settled in and I've organised the room I'll give you another look.

During this stressful time I have done lots and lots of lovely stress relieving stocking stitch. More of that in the next post.

Ah, it feels good to get back to normal!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


At the moment most of the rooms in our house look like this:

I find all this packing and moving business rather tedious and frustrating. We've organised all the utilities to be switched on and off and all has gone well except for our broadband connection. Would you believe, all the utilities will function on the the day, including the telephone but the broadband takes four working days! Why??

To help me survive all of this I need to knit. I've finished the fifth square on my Dark Star Stole but now I need something else to knit. (No photos yet because the weather is awfully gloomy at the moment). And unlike some people I think all I can cope with for the time being is slabs of stocking or garter stitch. So I thought I might cast on for an Ishbel and work on it till I get to the lacy bit and/or I might cast on for an Eyelet Cardi. A little gentle mindless knitting will be most welcome over the coming days.