Saturday, 6 February 2010


I seem to have started (and continued) a few things of late but I don't have much to show for my efforts.

Firstly here is my Snow Queen shawl. I have completed the first three charts and chart D now awaits my attention. I noticed it has a lot of nupps in it so I am going to get plenty of opportunities to conquer this technique.

Secondly I have started to knit a pair of Jeweled Steps. I'm knitting with Flat Feet for the first time. It is a strange experience. I like the colour changes but its a little awkward knitting with crinkly yarn. And the knitting looks a bit bumpy as well but I'm sure that will smooth out once the socks are washed and blocked.

And finally, I have opened my February Personal Sock Yarn Club and the yarn is from Ewe Give Me the Knits. This is destined to become a Traveling Woman.


sue said...

Your sock yarn looks very pretty. I was going to buy some of the flat feet from Yarnomat but decided not to in the end. I am sure all the crinkles will come out eventually.

Bells said...

oh the snow queen shawl! What a pretty thing that's going to be - and all those nupps! Good for you!

Mary said...

Snow Queen looks fantastic! I can't wait to see some more when you finish up chart D.