Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sun, sea and sand

I had a wonderful time in Perth. The weather was great, even the few days of 40+ were manageable. And what helped was the fact that we went swimming on this beach almost every day.

And yes most days the beach was that empty.

We were also fortunate enough to be around for the sculpture exhibition at Cottesloe Beach. Here is a small sample of what was on offer.

I thought it was a wonderful setting for a show.

I loved every minute of the holiday and was happy that my mother arrived during our stay there. Now we are all home and settling down for a long visit. Some knitting did take place but more of that in the next post.


T. said...

AWESOME! Those beaches are amazing!

Mary said...

What a beautiful spot for a holiday!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mandy - that's our hand towel! I loved the pictures of Cott Beach. The weather is just turning to Autumn now in Perth. I hope your mother has been having a lovely holiday (the socks look very comfortable!). Love, Sarah Seaman