Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A little lace

I've been indulging myself by knitting some lace. First off I finished my Raha scarf. This was such a quick knit and great for a bit of instant gratification.

The yarn is Morris Empire 4ply in Luxe and I knitted on 3.5mm needles.

Since finishing that scarf I have cast on three more projects.

I'm knitting a Brandywine shawl. The moment I saw this pattern I wanted to knit it using the Tofutsies that J so generously sent me. I felt a little unsure that this was the right yarn to use but as the shawl progresses I feel that it is working out. The shawl is soft and drapey.

The second project I cast on resulted from my May Personal Sock Yarn Club. The yarn for this month is some Henry's Attic hand dyed by the lovely Kelebek and given to me for my birthday. She calls this colourway Strawberries and Cream. I had originally matched the yarn to the Traveling Woman pattern but as I have already knitted this pattern (that's what happens when you instantly forget what you put in your little sock yarn bags) I decided to try another pattern. I first cast on for a Multnomah shawl but the yarn didn't work for me. So I then decided on the Dahlia scarf and I think this is a good match.

The third project I have cast on stems from a request from my friend Val. She wanted a lace scarf so she sent me the yarn and we decided on the Oiseau de Feu scarf. Other than that the yarn is fingering weight I know nothing else about it. But it is a beautiful colour and very soft and silky - a delight to knit with.

Well I daresay these projects will keep me out of mischief for a little while.


Bells said...

oh yes, plenty to keep you bus! I love the Raha scarf! Wow. It's lovely!

T. said...

The statue the Raha scarf is on is lovely!
And no mischief is right!

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Amanda, your scarves are beautiful.
You are such a talented knitter. From the looks of it a very speedy knitter also:)

Mary said...

After the cardigans you got back into lace in a big way! Lovely knitting as always.

Lupie said...

You will hear me say these word over and over again. You are such an inspiration to me!
Your lace is so beautiful and I can only dream to do anywhere near as amazing work as you.
I have no idea how it is that I was not down as a follower of your blog. I corrected that today.

val said...

Amanda I cant wait to get my scarf ;)xx ..oh I found the yarn tag ..its called Alyeska Hand Dyed Sock Yarn - by Pagewood Farms, in the colour Really Red :) 4 ply..