Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I started knitting Annis while on Kangaroo Island. I loved the feel of the Malabrigo lace because it is so buttery soft and I knew it would feel great against my skin. But as the shawl progressed I realised that a variegated yarn often doesn't go well with lace.

I persevered knowing in my heart of hearts that I should stop and frog. But as you can see I carried on to the end.

The yarn is much too busy and consequently the detail of the pattern is lost.

I thought that with the large chunk of stocking stitch that I would get away with it but unfortunately I don't think so.

I console myself that the shawl feels good. You live and learn.


Anonymous said...

what yarn did you use?...shame its not how you wanted it to be, thats the part of knitting when the yarn colouring just doesnt suit the pattern and then it eats you inside till you frog it!!...lol...

Amanda said...

Val, I used yummy Malabrigo lace. But no frogging this time!

J. said...

I'm knitting an Icarus in a multicoloured yarn and am feeling the same. I think I'll finish it, though.

Your scarf is lovely. You've got me thinking of knitting one myself.

T. said...

I'm sure it is so soft that you'll never want to take it off! I made the Abrazo one (very similar) - in a single colour varigated and it turned out pretty good. You'll just have to make another one!