Saturday, 7 August 2010

By the skin of my teeth

I have managed to complete one more project before leaving for warmer climes. Haruni, my tenth shawl for the 10 shawls in 2010 group on Ravelry.

The shawl is still wet and blocking in these photos and there is no time to wait for the shawl to dry. I knitted this in Bendigo Woollen Mills 4ply Luxury in Ice on 3.5 mm circulars. My only modification was to knit an extra repeat of Chart A.

I had a near disaster 4 rows from the finish when my cable broke and I watched my stitches running away from me. It took me ages to transfer the stitches and then carefully pick up the stitches that had run away. Fortunately it is a very easy pattern and I was able to hook the stitches all back in place.

Now as to the travel knitting. I am taking along a pair of socks for the plane trip and the Featherweight cardi for the balmy tropical evenings.

Annie, I will be gone for 3 weeks and will only have intermittent internet access. I have already signed up for the Klabouter KAL but will only be able to knit the shawl when I get back.

Did you mutter something about measurements Mary? I don't think I quite heard you!


Helen said...

Oh Mandy that is gorgeous. It has been on my list of "must do's" since I saw someone wearing one at a show recently, but I think I'm right in saying it has a crochet edging which sends me into a quivering pile at the thought! How did you find the edging?

Annie said...

Another lovely shawl!
Hope you'll have a nice holiday.

T. said...

10 in 2010 and you're already done?? Unbelievable!! Nice work.

J. said...

Oh, well that is just lovely. I've been thinking about knitting a Haruni. You may have just convinced me.

Mary said...

Beautiful work as always! Done with your ten with months to spare, congratulations!

Enjoy your holiday, I will yell my measurements louder next time! :)

Anonymous said...

you know its just not natural to be able to knit lace this fabulously like you can!!..;-)

well done i love it - did your heart stop for that brief moment when your stitches ran away..haha..i know i would have if it was me!

enjoy the heat!!..and send some my way okay xo

lunaticraft said...

Beautiful! 10 in 2010 already?! Amazing!

Lupie said...

Your my lace hero!