Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Decision time again

Before talking about my need to make decisions, I want to show off my new socks.

These are the Trail Socks designed by BadCatDesigns and are part of the Summer Swatch Me project. This is such a good KAL. We are knitting a sampler and have reached week 7. Each week, in addition to the sampler pattern, there is also a pattern for either a hat, mitts, socks, scarves or bookmarks or any combination of the afore mentioned. Treat yourself and go and check it out if you haven't yet.

I knitted these socks using Little Lotus bamboo sock yarn on 2.75mm needles. And note that the socks are mirror images!

Now for those decisions. I am about to leave for warmer climes. We are heading for the sub-tropics for three weeks to escape the last of the winter. So what do I take with me to knit while I am away? I'm thinking maybe socks (I have yet to knit both my July and August Personal Sock Yarn Club socks), or a scarf or maybe another Featherweight cardi or some combination of these. What would you recommend?


Annie said...

Nice socks. I must have a look at Badcat's KAL - there is always so much to do, that I forgot about this designer.
When will you leave? Will you have access to a computer when you're away to the subtropics?
Klabouter has started last Friday on a small Windsbraut triangular shawl. Looks nice. And since you haven't knit any shawls yet, this year...
There will be three instalments, so tomorrow and next Friday are to come yet. I'm tempted again myself.

T. said...

Featherweight cardi!! Easy, light and packs well. Have a great trip.

Mary said...

Certainly take some socks, perfect for the warmer climate, nothing too heavy or hot in your hands, and maybe even a feather weight cardigan...let me give you my measurements

Anonymous said...

Holidaying again?..and without me!! ;-) ..have fun - knit socks - light, easy and cool!