Monday, 30 August 2010

Queensland socks

Here I am back again from a lovely holiday. I don't have much to show knitting wise though. I did very little knitting while we were away but I did manage to knit these socks.

The socks started life as a pair of Tuscany socks. They are toe-up socks. Once I started the pattern on the leg section I found that it didn't really grab me. Perhaps I should rephrase that because they grabbed a little too much - the legs were a touch too tight for me. I didn't want to start all over again so instead I ripped back just the legs and then knitted a simple slip stitch pattern which I borrowed from the Lava Flow pattern.

Oh and the yarn is Opal Neon. This was also my July Personal Sock Club Yarn. I'm running behind now because I haven't even looked at what August has on offer for me. I think I might have to let it lie for a while because I am eager to get my Summer Swatch Stole finished. I have some catching up to do - such a lovely prospect.

It was warm and sunny in Queensland and we managed to miss the awful weather that Victoria experienced in our absence. We have come home to definite signs of spring.

What a welcome sight!


Annie said...

Tulips and daffofils! How great. Here we're having autumn in August. Rain, wind, floodings, horrible.
I love your sock blockers!

T. said...

The tulips and daffodils are lovely. Glad you had a productive trip!

lizzzknits said...

Ah daffodils. As we head towards fall, I know the brightness of the daffodils will come eventually.

Lupie said...

Two things I have not been able to do for a long time garden and make socks. You inspired me to do both again.

Mary said...

Now I am dreaming of spring, and I am certainly in the wrong place to be dreaming of that!

Great socks, too!