Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The last one for the year

My last shawl of the year is the Crest o' the Wave Stole. This stole has been on my needles forever and a day. I would pick it up and knit a couple of pattern repeats and then put it down for something more interesting. The yarn, which is Touch Yarn Kid Mohair Merino 2 ply, has been frogged a couple of times as well. I could just not find the right pattern for it. I finally realised it needed something simple and that was the problem. The pattern is a simple 12 row repeat. So simple in fact that I got very bored with it. Still, I persevered and finally finished the stole. I had intended to keep knitting until I had used up all the yarn but I fear that after 40 repeats I had had enough!

The stole measures 170cm x 52cm. It is intended as a gift but after trying it on I realised how soft and warm it is. It might just not quite make it to the gift pile!


Bells said...

it's lovely! I'm glad you persevered. I'm on a 12 row repeat stole that goes for 30 repeats. I'm not sure I could go another 10 repeats. Very over it!

Sue said...

It is simply beautiful! I adore the color too.

Annie said...

Are you sure you can't squeeze in another little shawl, these last two days of 2010....? (VBG)
Any plans for 2011?
And of course: your last shawl is lovely again!

Baruch said...

Beautiful - love the colour! Happy 2011 coz. Hope it is showered with love, health, happiness and lotsa knitting opportunities.