Thursday, 2 December 2010

Left over sock yarn

In one of her recent post Mary reminded me that there are other useful things that one can do with left over sock yarn. I have a whole tub full of left over sock yarn and I have been meaning to knit a sock blankie with it. I don't really need a sock blankie I just happen to think its rather pretty. On the other hand, the amounts of left over yarn from each skein is quite large - enough for something useful. I don't wear knitted hats and thus I don't knit them but I would wear fingerless mitts and I am happy to knit them for myself as well as for others. I made a pair a little while back for a swap and so decided I would do so again.

This time the pattern is Blackrose Wristlets, the yarn is Conjoined Creations Flat Feet and the mitts were knitted on 2.75mm circular needles.

Any suggestions you might have for mitts made with left over sock yarn will be most welcome.

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Mary said...

What beautiful mitts!

I have been known to take mitt patterns that I really like the design of and turn them into socks, how's about working that in reverse and turning a sock pattern you love into a pair of mitts?