Monday, 6 December 2010

A little bit goes a long way

I have taken a liking to Malabrigo Lace. Not just because its wonderfully soft and feels great against the skin but also because those tiny skeins seem to last forever. Have a look at this. Out of a 50g skein (colourway Orchid) I got the following:

Abrazo knitted without any mods on 5mm needles. This used 30g of the skein. Next time round I would knit the short rows two stitches past the decrease rather than 4 stitches to create a larger shawl.

Then with the left over 20g I knitted this little cowl, the Lacey Small Shell Cowl. This was also knitted on 5mm needles. Its a simple pattern repeat and I just kept on until I ran out of yarn.

I am not knitting many gifts this year but these two were quick and easy and very satisfying to knit.

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Cybèle said...

Your blog had managed to disappear in my GoogleReader when I switched over from Bloglines, so haven't been able to comment. Just got you back now and been catching up. Love the colour of this yarn!