Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Slow progress

I am working on the capelet but progress is slow. This is partly (or should that be largely?) due to the fact that I keep swapping cable knitting for lace knitting and partly because I need to rip back every now and then. Yes, it's the usual missed cable crossing causing me to have to rip back. Mostly I catch the error quite quickly, because I can assure you its a pain to rip back umpteen thousand stitches (that's what if feels like). Nevertheless, I have discovered an error many rows back and for the time being it will stay there. I will use the cheat's method to repair the mistake when I'm done with the knitting.

Here is a photo of the progress.

To ease the frustration of miscrossed cables I knitted this lace shawl.

It's one of Birgit Freyer's many shawls called Marella. I really like her patterns and intend to knit more of them in the future. This one is done on 5.0mm needles in Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 4ply in Lake. The shawl measures 48 x 104cm.


T. said...

As always I'm in awe of your ability to knit lace shawls in what seems like a matter of minutes.

Annie said...

Nice lace, as usual. And cables - I love them! Your capelet will be very pretty.

Maria said...

Two beautiful projects. Just been admiring the shawl on Ravelry. Your skills are wonderful

Mary said...

Beautiful, both of them!

Cables certainly do seem to take more brain power and time than lace, in my opinion.

They both look yummy!