Monday, 20 June 2011

Two shawls

I finally feel that life is returning to normarl. And having completed two shawls has helped to enhance that feeling. I really missed not knitting lace while I was away (the little bit of knitting I did on the Hypernova scarf didn't really count).

The first completed shawl is Windsbraut Bertha which was a Klabauter KAL. There were only 2 clues and thus this was a quick and very gratifying knit. The yarn is Garnstudio DROPS Fabel and I used 4.0mm needles.

The second shawl is the Celeste shawl. This shawl was meant to be knit with one skein of Tofutsies but I ran out of yarn by the time I reached the final chart so I simply omitted it. I don't think it has made much difference to the shawl. I find the shape very interesting. The shawl sits well on the shoulders without any fear of it slipping off.

Bertha is destined for a fellow Raveller. I started knitting Celeste for her but then decided to give her a choice and she decided on Bertha instead. So Celeste will join the new gift pile.


Mary said...

Both are beautiful pieces! I can't wait to see what you knit next.

Bells said...

you really do knit the most inspiring shawls. I've not stopped by often enough to tell you I think that but I really do!

lunaticraft said...

Stunning, as always!