Saturday, 2 July 2011

New beginnings

There is something delicious about starting a new project. You select a pattern (or it selects you) and then you hunt for the right yarn and you dream about the completed project. Sometimes I get a little carried away doing this and before I know it I have several new projects on my needles. That recently happened again.

First I cast on for the Summer Queen KAL. This is going to be a stole. The main part is knitted with the yarn held double and the edging will be done with a single strand of yarn. I'm using Morris Empire 2 ply in Midnight Blue. Here is clue one completed and last night I started clue 2.

While waiting for clue 2 I cast on the Elm Scarf. This is one of the side projects in the Back to the Garden KAL. What? You haven't joined up yet? Well hurry over right now and join up for 12 weeks of fun. The first part of the main project will be released tomorrow. I'm knitting this scarf in Bendigo Woollen Mills Classic 2 ply in Peony on 2.25mm needles. And I am adding some lovely opaque pink 8/0 beads.

And my third project is the Emily Dickinson shawl which I am knitting on commission for someone on Ravelry. This is strictly daytime knitting as the yarn in Jamieson and Smith cobweb weight in black. The pattern is easy but the yarn makes it a little tricky and casting on 545 sts was no joke. Some of the rows that require beads are taking me nearly an hour to knit. I will be relieved once the decreases really start taking hold because as you can see it's all stitches and hardly any rows!


Sue said...

You are such a beautiful lace knitter. I havent done too much lace but I am hoping too one day.

Anonymous said...

545 sts!!..*faints*

Annie said...

You're so right: projects do select us... Why is there always more than one at a time?
Love your Elm Scarf. I'm sitting on my hands here and will only cast on for the main project.
For the time being, that is!

Bells said...

black cobweb weight - oh I've been there. You're so right about it being a day time project.

Gosh so much loveliness. Isn't it thrilling to see something new all pinned out like that - just still a small piece but full of so much potential!