Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back from the Tropical North

I have spent the last couple of weeks travelling along the Queensland coast from Cairns to Rockhampton. Despite having visited Cairns many times I have never seen the coast down to Rocky. It was an interesting drive but the part of the drive that had the most impact on us was the approximately 200km from Townsville to Tully that got hit by cyclone Yasi in February this year.

We wanted to see to what extent the area had recovered. The majority to houses and businesses seemed to have been repaired but the rainforest was looking very sad. The canopy has disappeared because all the large trees have either fallen over, had their tops broken out or had all leaves stripped and now only have epicormic growth. To me it looked like the Kinglake and Marysville areas that were hit by the bushfires in 2009.

Here are a few photos of the depleted rainforest.

And here is the contrast of the rainforest in the Daintree that escaped the eye of the storm.

And to end on a feathered note, some of the birds I saw on this trip.
 A Pied Heron.
 A very cheeky Rainbow Lorikeet.
A serene Wonga Pigeon.

Some knitting will appear soon!


Mary said...

It looks like you had a colorful trip! Glad to have you home and blogging, can't wait to see the knitting to come.

Annie said...

Good to see you're back! Nice birds, sad forest. Will try to find your address and send you a private email.