Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Crimson Tide

While I was in Denmark earlier in the year I bought a couple of skeins of Kauni effect garn and I have been on the lookout ever since for the right pattern. Originally I thought of a Birgit Freyer pattern but couldn't find quite the right one. In my searches on Ravelry I finally came across Lagune and decided that this pattern might just work.

 So the yarn is Kauni wool 8/1 and needle size 4.5mm and I used almost the entire 50g skein.

And why Crimson Tide? Well because this project made me think of a red tide and reminded me of a time we went looking for mussels in Cape Town. Do you remember the occassion Helen?


Annie said...

Another beautiful shawl finidhed! The yarn reminds me of the yarn I used for my BTTG shawl. I found it hard to decide what to make of that, too. And I have another skein of this yarn left. How many shawls and scarves have you made until now, this year?

Mary said...

Stunning as always. I think that you found the perfect pattern for the yarn.

lunaticraft said...

Beautiful as always. I am a little embarrassed to admit though, your post title had me thinking of the Alabama Crimson Tide and I got slightly confused because I was pretty confident you lived in Australia! Frankly I like your version of Crimson Tide better. =)

Helen said...

I do indeed!!
We don't get red tide in the UK, or at least they don't call it that, but you do get an bloom of some sort or other when you are warned not to pick mussels.
Lovely shawl! yet another to add to my list.