Thursday, 2 February 2012

I'm stronger than my willpower

Yep, I am because I have managed to cast on two more projects despite not having finished any others. I first cast on the Stockholm Scarf.

I am knitting this in the round with BWM Moorland in Dark Grape. Its been a long time since I have knitted with such thick yarn - 8ply! It feels very heavy and hard on the wrists.

The second project I cast on is the Pea Vines shawl. I am knitting this with a friend on Ravelry. I am using a yarn dyed by EmilyTheEnabler. I think its about a 3ply yarn and thus I have opted to knit the medium size version of the shawl. Photos later when I have more to show because its taken me three tries to get this shawl started and I have only completed two very long rows.

I am continuing on the Susanna IC January KAL and I have now completed clue 4.

Now am I going to manage to complete something before the next post or succumb yet again and cast on for that Dahlia cardigan which is clamouring for my attention?


Suzanne Warren said...

I started knitting a sweater out of the Moorland but alas it is only half finished, maybe not even that much and it is hidden in a basket waiting for me to be motivated again. Your shawl looks very pretty.

Lupie said...

In all the time I have been reading your work continues to amaze me! Your lace is an inspiration to me to keep trying to knit lace.

Mary said...

Glad to know I am not the only one with startitis in the world! They look really good, can't wait to see further progress.

Bells said...

i'm a bit the same at the moment!

As always your shawl choices are inspiring!