Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Brangian shawl

I really wanted to knit up the silk/cotton 4ply ColourMart yarn I bought quite some time ago but couldn't find quite the right pattern. I started to knit the Butterfly Forest shawl with this yarn but soon discovered that it wasn't working and frogged. While I was trawling through my endless queue I saw the Brangian shawl pattern and realised that this was the right one. I wanted the right combination of yarn and pattern because this shawl is also part of a swap for more gradient dyed yarn.

I knitted the shawl on 4.5 mm needles and it knitted up really quickly. It has turned into a good sized shawl.

Once blocked the yarn softened and became nice and drapey.

Here is a close up to show the subtle shift in the pattern.


Mary said...

Oooh, the perfect combination of a beautiful shawl and soft yarn! Looks wonderful.

Bells said...

I've made that shawl and I loved it. Making it and wearing it. Yours is lovely!