Sunday, 23 September 2012


Many months ago I got the itch to try some gradient yarns but I was having difficulty in finding yarns in the colour and weight that I wanted. I then did a deal with a Ravelry friend (who now has a great etsy shop, Ozifarmer's Market) to dye some yarn for me. The base is a very fine merino which is almost a cobweb weight.

And then a few weeks ago she very generously gifted me two more skeins of her lovely gradient dyeing.

Ever since I received the first lot of yarn I have been looking for the right pattern. I finally decided on Longing for Robins Return for my first attempt. This is a shawl that has long been in my queue and I was very happy to finally be able to knit it. I thought the very fine yarn would be ideal for this delicate pattern.

Once I had finished this shawl I was eager to give another one a go and this time I decided on the Leadlight shawl using the Bendigo Woolen Mills 2ply base.

I'm eager to try a few more shawls using gradient yarns, any pattern suggestions?


Mary said...

Lots of shawls look good in a gradient yarn. Did you knit Autumn in New York yet? That would look stunning in a gradient. But, in your looking through patterns if you find one that takes 400 yards of laceweight will you point it out to me? I am on a mission too!

Anonymous said...

love that blue one :)

Annie said...

Beautiful shawls. I immediately put both in my queue (there were only few of them in it - VBS -) I'm wearing bad cat's 'back to the garden' today (which i think you saw IRL), which is in a gradient yarn and looks good.

Ozifarmer said...

Amanda they look lovely.

Sue said...

Gradients seem to knit up so beautifully in shawls dont they. I really admire all the lace shawls that you knit as they are always gorgeous.